Get Leads For Your Clients On Autopilot with Done-For-You Google Ads

Fully White Labeled so it looks like you’re the agency running the ad campaigns.




Expertise Gap

Your team doesn’t have experience or expertise in Google Ads


Time & Resource Constraints

Your team already has their hands pretty full


Unpredictable Results

If you r team were to run the ads in-house


Difficult to scale

You don’t have the systems and SOPs to efficiently deliver Google Ads for multiple clients




Starting at $1100/mo


Dedicated Account Manager


Team of PPC Experts & Creatives


High converting landing page included


Click Fraud Protection


Live Performance Dashboard

Steven Harris

Experience matters and we’ve got 11+ years on our team.

»  170 Million in ad spend

»  145,000 ads run

»  6.27 Million conversions

Never worry about running ads, writing ad copy, or designing pages for clients.

Let us do the heavy lifting, all under your brand so you can charge what like and flood your clients with customers.


Case Studies

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5 easy steps to launch Google Ad Campiagns for a client of yours in 6-10 business days

Step 01
Step 01

Checkout and Onboarding Form

Make payment and complete the onboarding for (15-20mins)

Step 02
Step 02

Optional Zoom call if any specifics need discussing

If there is anything unusual or unique about your clients business or target customer, we can have a Zoom to discuss.

Step 03
Step 03

Landing Page

Within 3 business days you’ll receive a high-converting landing page for your client. 2 revision rounds are included using our ‘revisions tool’. Super easy to use so there’s no long-winded email back-n-forth required.

Step 04
Step 04

We build out the campaigns

We get in the trenches, build the campaigns, write ad copy, setup call tracking, click fraud and your LIVE reporting dashboard.

Step 05
Step 05

Go Live!

Within 6-10 business days the campaigns go live, and your client will start getting leads, all under your brand – so you get the credit!


By working with us you get


Assigned Account Specialist + Expert Team

Each white label partner is provided with a committed account supervisor whose primary focus is enhancing the performance of your clients’ advertisements. In addition, you receive a team comprising:
– Account Reviewers
– Google Experts
– Content Creators
– Graphic Artists

Industry Analysis & Campaign Build out

Your group of experts will thoroughly analyze your industry to determine what will be effective and what will not.

We use this analysis to develop campaigns aimed at obtaining high-value clicks and conversions for your client.


High Converting Ad Copy

With over 145,000 ads under our belt, we have a deep understanding of the copy that will draw the most relevant clicks.

Statistically Proven Landing Page Templates

A dedicated landing page template will help an agency generate more successful post-click experiences. Over six million conversions have been generated using our templates, which we’ll apply during your setup. And as an added bonus, it’s included!


Heatmaps & A/B Split Tests

We incorporate heatmaps on each new landing page to gain insights into how visitors engage with the page.

Additionally, we conduct A/B tests on the page at no extra cost, ensuring an increase in leads and sales without raising advertising expenses.


Click Fraud Protection

Our plans include click fraud protection to help you save up to 20% of your monthly budget. This also helps avoid potential fraudulent activities such as:
– Competitor clicks
– Brand hater clicks
– Bot clicks
– Accidental clicks
– And click farm clicks

Call Tracking

No need to subscribe to another service to track your calls! Let’s get you set up with a call tracking number so you can easily monitor your campaigns and see how they’re doing.

Realtime Dashboard

Your team of specialists dives right into your account to identify what’s working and what isn’t! Plus, you get a personalized dashboard that shows you precisely what’s happening in your account.

Monthly Performance Reports

At the beginning of every month, your account manager will provide you a thorough overview of the previous month’s performance, which includes:
– new campaigns added
– campaigns paused
– campaigns that had outstanding performance and ways to enhance them
– as well as campaigns that need improvement and how to do so. Moreover, an in-depth report of everything completed in your account over the last 30 days will be included.


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