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The Struggles of Business Owners with Google Ads

As a business owner, you’ve probably experienced the frustration of not getting the results you were promised from your Google Ads. You might have struggled with maximizing the number of high-quality leads from your ad budget or found it difficult to compete against big brands and established businesses in your area. But what if there’s a game-changing solution that could bring you at least 32% more inquiries within 30 days? Introducing AdBoost AI, the powerful AI software specifically designed for service-based businesses to supercharge their existing Google Ads without any extra ad spend or the need to change marketing agencies.

AdBoost AI: Your Secret Weapon to Skyrocket Google Ads Performance

Get 32% More Phone Calls without Extra Ad Spend

AdBoost AI has been proven to help businesses like yours get at least 32% more inquiries from their current Google Ads within 30 days, without spending more on ads or changing marketing agencies. With AdBoost AI, you can enjoy more bang for your buck and see a significant increase in your business phone calls, just like George who experienced a 61% increase and Natalie who got 57% more inquiries.

Compatible with Your Existing Marketing Agency

Unlike other solutions that may require you to change marketing agencies, AdBoost AI is an easy bolt-on that enhances what’s already running. It works seamlessly with your current marketing agency, providing a powerful AI-driven boost to your existing Google Ads campaigns.

The AdBoost AI Advantage: Harnessing the Power of Artificial Intelligence

AI Outperforms Humans in Data Analysis

AdBoost AI is light years ahead of humans when it comes to analyzing data and making accurate predictions. The AI doesn’t make mistakes and never sleeps, ensuring that your Google Ads campaigns are constantly optimized and managed efficiently.

Developed by Experts with Proven Track Record

AdBoost AI is the brainchild of Steven Harris and his team of superstars, geeks, and PhD mathematicians. With over 8 years of experience and managing over $165 million in ad spend, they have generated over 6 million conversions and run over 140,000 ads across hundreds of client ad accounts. All that data has been used to build this powerful AI software, giving your business a competitive edge.

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The Future of Google Ads Performance is Here

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