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AdBoost AI checks your Google Ads keywords against our database of 68,373,963 (and growing) search terms to find all those that your keywords could trigger and that are irrelevant or have never converted.

We then check to see if you have negative keywords in place to block these wasteful search terms. And then we recommend negative keywords to block in your account.

It all happens in under 5 minutes!

Pull back the curtain on your Google Ad performance

What’s working with your ads? Where are you falling short?

Our Ads Grader analyzes 8 essential components of your account, providing you with essential insight and actionable advice for optimizing your strategy and maximizing ad spend efficiency.

Identify Wasted Spend

Identify Non-Converting Search Terms

Decreased CPA Estimate

Increased Conversions Estimate

Make every dollar in your ad budget matter.

Reach your ideal target audience. Maximize ad spend efficiency. Optimize ROI.
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